What You Get When You Find Your Creative Studio

It’s the biggest unlock for your creativity

Vivian Nunez


I’ve never had an office for myself and I don’t think you have to in order to have a creative studio. I think it’s actually more important to build a fence around how you treat your creativity. Here’s what I mean by this.

You need to rid yourself of phrases like, “I’m just working on this little project,” “Oh, I just write whenever I have a second,” “Yeah, I’m a writer, but it’s no big deal.”

Once you erase those from the way you speak about your creativity (whatever medium you prefer), you start to show your craft the respect it (and you) deserve. You start to treat it like a craft that’s worthy of its own space in your mind, day, and home. You unlock the possibility of turning any corner into a creative studio of your dream.

Since I don’t have an office, I’ve turned a corner of our living room, a nook in our bedroom, and every coffeeshop in the tri-state area into my own creative studio. I record my podcast in the nook. I write on the patio of our apartment building. I manage my business from my desktop. You will get out of your designated creative studio whatever it is you put into it and whatever baggage you walk into it with.

I think when we choose to live out our creative destinies we start playing the comparison game and using it as a tool to hinder our own progress. We believe that if we don’t have that specific gear or that ideal office setup that we’ll never be taken seriously. I like to think instead that, if you’re playing the long game, you actually grow into those spaces, instead of growing into them. You need to give yourself the space to outgrow whatever space you’re currently in, so that when you do walk into the creative studio of your dreams, it’s built on your really amazing reality.

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