Stop Saying You’re An Aspiring Creative

You’re more than that…

Vivian Nunez


I’m going to package your Monday Motivation in some rather frank terms — you’re not aspiring.

You have never been aspiring. From the moment that you started thinking about wanting to one day becoming a writer, a photographer, a blogger, a small business owner, etc etc etc, you became one. It’s possible that you didn’t have the bank account or the bylines to prove to others that you were that one thing yet — but you had other things that did count in your own eyes.

You had determination, time spent researching, accounts that you followed for inspiration, or books that you picked up just so you could learn more about the craft.

Don’t minimize that by saying you’re aspiring. Shine a light on how determined you’ve been since the moment you thought of this reality as your own.

I know why it may be hard to believe we can own the title of “creative” – we conflate the title with an outcome instead of with the process, I think that’s our first mistake. It’s the main mistake I want you to avoid if you’re on the journey of living life as a creative. Hold on tight to the reality that everything you work on, think about, or navigate through today will impact your creative and financial bottom line.

I know (and you know) that you’ll still have to put in the work and the hours to hit your goals or hold some tangible results, but isn’t that every job? We never say that someone is an aspiring accountant, we say they’re on the path to being licensed or that they’re sweating over ledgers in Accounting 101 trying to figure it all out. We validate their process, now it’s time to start validating your own.

Take a few minutes today and jot down 5 things you did in the last 24 hours to contribute to your life as a creative (reading this piece counts as one of them). Then I want you to take that note and put it somewhere you’ll see it regularly. It’ll serve as your reminder that the small building steps count as much as the milestone flags you place along the way.


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