Monday Motivation Is Stealing Your Creativity

There is nothing that suffocates my creativity more than my misguided belief that I have no time for it. I know this to be factually true and yet, I often come up against the same wall — “I need to do this right now, instead of writing…” or “I don’t have time to write.”

Lately too it’s become apparent that the “hashtag Monday Motivation” culture doesn’t serve me either. Because my definitions of time, productivity, and creativity are already so convoluted (something that I am actively working to undo and set right), the push for a spurt of motivation on a Monday sets me up for failure.

To me, it reads more like, “If I don’t have the right motivation on a Monday to hit the ground running, there goes the rest of my week.”

This is no way to grow a craft or to understand creativity outside of the barriers of productivity.

I’ve slowly started detaching myself from sudden, intense spurts of motivation and instead am choosing to reclaim my time and sustainable, long-term habits. I want to practice growing motivation daily, no matter what I’m doing on a given day.

For instance, I’m writing this on a Monday where my motivation to write is low, but my motivation to accomplish life errands is high. Since starting to notice, I’ve learned that I’m the most motivated to write in the mornings and the most energized between Tuesday and Thursdays. On Monday mornings I have therapy, I order groceries, I tend to other parts of my life that need tending to in order for me to have the mental capacity to really sit, ideate, and pull sentences together.

I don’t think I’m the only one either. I think most of us spend some days finding our footing and other days running sprints. Both hold the same value unless we say differently.

Reclaiming my Mondays to work for me means they no longer work against me. They no longer turn into a day I despise because I don’t get all the things I feel like I “should” get done. Letting go of a Monday Motivation mindset has made it easier to reframe my definition of time as well. It’s returned a sense of agency to my creative process.

Whether I write something on a Monday or end of day Friday, it’s still a contribution to my craft. My motivation won’t know the days of the week assigned to its growth or momentum, it will only know that I am dedicated to continuously pouring into it day in and day out.

I write about creativity, mental health, grief, and how to cope with life’s everyday challenges on Follow along on my Instagram for mini-essays on the same topics, and sign up for a weekly newsletter of encouragement.

I write daily about creativity, grief and mental health.

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